Charming Wildflowers - Finished!

Finished over two weeks ago, but I've been busy!
No pattern - I just used quarter square triangles to frame each charm square, with everything set on point. The charms are Moda Wildflowers VI, with Kona blush pink and delft blue. The border is more of the charms and white Bella.
I did my first applique of a hummingbird in each corner. Not perfect, but pretty good for a first try! The eye and beak are both stitches on my machine, as is the blanket stitch.
I used up every bit of the Kona and charms on the back. I had planned the front with a 6x7 layout, but lost some of my charms and had to resort to 6x6. It was too late to change it when I found the charms, so the last row went into the back and borders.
It's quilted with double lines just off the ditch of the charms. I debated that or lines off-ditch on the Kona - the former looks better on the border, but the latter would have made the charms look more within the squares. In a perfect world, I would have had enough time to do both - but I had an 80th birthday party to get it to!
It measures 46x46" and is bound in a dark blue floral, with which my mother made matching dresses for my sisters and me when I was in middle school. I love raiding my mother's stash.
 Since I'm finally finished...on a Friday... Can I get a Whoop Whoop?
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