Christmas Charming Stars - Finished!

Unlike some of my recent finishes, which had been marinating too long in the sewing room for me to like them anymore, this one was a joy to finish. So why did it take me so long? Sigh.

Christmas Stars was started in 2011. Probably. I don't want to go back and look in case it was longer. It's from a Moda Bake Shop tutorial - although I used charm packs and changed up most of the layout. Let's just say the blocks are from the tutorial.

The charms are Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas. I'm pretty sure the stop border is from Flurry. I love that it's definitely Christmas-y but not red/forest green. And I adore those elves skating!

My layout of all four blocks together leads to another star in the middle. And I kind of love it. The same fabrics was accidental, I'm sure, but it works in its awesomeness.

And the candy cane stripe bias binding? Perfection. It's Scottie Christmas by Wilmington Prints, and I might have bought half a bolt or so for all Christmas quilts. And hand stitched, even though it took me foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.

The back is plain old cotton. I knew this would never be anything but a wall hanging, and I don't see the point in something pretty on the back. It has a hanging sleeve {not stitched down yet} and corner pockets to help hang it straight.

The backing shows off the quilting - this was done quite a while when I wasn't quite good at filling in spaces properly or swirling the right way. The "swirls" do match the designs in the fabric on the front, and the front is busy enough that it looks fine there.

And hey - look! I managed to get a good rolled up shot!

And now I want it to be Christmas so I can hang it up.

Just when I thought there would be no cat pictures, I realized I needed to measure it. And that meant Miss CC had to "help." Measures approx. 44" square Linked: