Christmas Pajamas 2010

This year, for some reason, I thought it would be cool to make six pairs of Christmas pajamas. I thought I was paring it down by only making bottoms, not tops.
I was still sewing Christmas morning.
And none of them are hemmed, even now.

These came out okay, but because of the way I folded the fabric*, half the pants have snowmen going the wrong way on the front and back.
*The "fabric" was king-size flannel sheets from Target. Hey, where else can you get that much flannel for $20? But, um, pay attention to the way you fold the flat sheet if you want the pattern to match.
For mine and my sister's, I used Simplicity 2414. And I hate the waist. What's the deal with the extra fabric above and below the casing? It bunched up weird. I'm thinking of adding elastic or something to make it more waist-like. 
My original plan for my husband and father's was to just add a couple inches all around. Except when my husband tried mine on (to see where I needed to add), I discovered...boys need more room in the crotch.
I ran to the thrift store and grabbed a PJ pattern for 64-cents (love you, thrift store!) Yeah, there's a big difference in the crotch. Slightly more than adding an inch or two here or there.
So the other three pairs ended up coming from Simplicity 5994.
And can I take a moment to give some love to my table? An entire pant leg pattern fits on there! (When it's clean.) IKEA, I love you.