Christmas Tree Skirt - Finished!

It's Christmas in July! And an order fulfilled long before it was due!

Of course, that does make it difficult to take pictures, as there's no Christmas trees around. Or snow.

It's made entirely from my Christmas scrap bin - lots of Rudolph and the Grinch and Kate Spain and Sandy Gervais.

I alternated Kona, solid pieces of Christmas fabric, and pieced sections. Made a good dent in the scrap bin...until I tossed the backing scraps in.

Made some ties for the cat to play with. Um, I mean, to close up the back.

Not my first time making bias binding, but my first time sewing it in a circle. It was a lot easier than I thought! And bias binding really is a dream - no fraying and manipulates so easily.

Quilting is just simple straight lines along the wedges. I don't do it often anymore, and it was nice to just follow the lines.

I used the Sew Crafty Jess tutorial, which was very well done. However, in the future, I'd just buy a wedge ruler. {And there will be a future, because this is totes adorbs and I want my own.} I spent so much time making sure the ruler was lined up on the template and not enough time making sure the rotary blade wasn't lined up with my thumb. Owie.

Quilt Details
Fabric: Christmas scraps, Kona Bone
Backing: blue snowflakes from Joann's
Binding: Christmas stripe from Joann's
Size: 60ish" round