Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon

  Happy National Running Day, everyone! I'd like to say I saved this post for today on purpose...but you should know me better than that.

Anyway, over Memorial Day weekend, I ran a half marathon over in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It's a resort town on one of the fabulous lakes in Northern Idaho - apparently it has a famous golf course. It also has the continuation of Spokane's Centennial Trail, renamed the North Idaho Centennial Trail once it crosses the border.

We started downtown in McEuen Park - a great playground outside of the resort that opened last year. We took the kids to the splash pad there last summer, so we knew the parking and bathroom situation fairly well. {And the bathroom situation was my very favorite kind - real ones with short lines! I love you, small races in real places.}

Other than the short start and finish downtown, the half ran as an out-and-back along the paved trail. Which was fantastic, until about mile four when we climbed the BIG HILL and I realized we would be turning around and doing it again. Luckily it was a slightly lower grade with a plateau halfway on the way back.

I started using Strava - an app and website - to track my runs. I'm still getting used to it {that finish marker way past the green start on the first map? That's when I forgot to turn it off and walked back to my car.} But my favorite feature? You can mark segments - or just check the ones other people marked. Then I can obsess about the grade of the hills and how I'll never be properly trained for them.

I ran the race with my friend Adina, as a girls' day out. Yes, we need to get out more if a half marathon is our fun outing away from the kids. We kept a fairly even pace, minus the BIG HILL, and enjoyed talking about everything from John Oliver to what the heck we're going to do with our kids all summer. {Not letting them watch John Oliver. Probably.}

And a nice set of swag! Although with my pet peeve - the race had twice as many half marathoners than full. Yet everything says "marathon." I understand cost saving measures...but it makes me feel like a fake when I wear something emblazoned with marathon when "I only did the half."

But it's a great shirt with good coverage on the hand warmer, so I'm only barely complaining. And some stickers, the medal with a spinning center, a pint glass, and unpictured coupons and a hand towel.

I did learn something significant - baby wipes do NOT cut it post-race. We went right from the race to brunch {with huckleberry mimosas!} with a quick bathroom change, and I felt icky for the rest of the day. I'm apparently high maintenance enough to want a post-race shower.

Time: 2:27:40 {Note: this was just a "long run" of ten miles on my training plan. I let Adina set the pace.}