Color Palettes and Themes

I was really looking forward to green week with Jennie, because I chose green as my logo border, and green has been the background of this blog forever and ever, but I'm still stuck on a color theme for the blog switchover.

So I wandered through photos and Design Seeds and I'm still really not any closer to a decision.

Am I Scarlett and any one of her numerous green dresses?
{Photo via How Do We Run On}

A lucky four leaf clover with a hint of daisy?

Ooh, sangria! I could be sangria!

I think part of this indecision stems from not having a quilting style. I mean, I finished Cat Tails and Central Park Sudoku this year...those two couldn't be more different! But they're both in my living room. {Maybe that's part of the problem.}

I know I like blogs with calm, white backgrounds, and not a lot of stuff cluttering up the design. Which leads me to thinking about sponsorship and linky parties and what exactly will be on the new blog.

And then I get a headache and put off the switchover. 

And go pull fabric for a quilt because those colors, I can do.