Coquette Cracker - a Finished Quilt!

  Well, this was refreshing - a month, start to finish - I usually only manage that on the t-shirt quilts! I mean, I had the charm packs for five years, but whatever.

I bought the Chez Moi Coquette charm packs in Kansas, at a quilt shop accidentally found after going to the Little House on the Prairie with the Dude and my mother in law. It's called Needle in a Haystack - and it really is. {Also, the Little House was super cool.}

I knew right away what I wanted to make with them - this Cracker pattern from Moda Bake Shop. But I never got around to it until I saw someone on Instagram making Cracker blocks. That finally made me dig out my charm packs and get this project into motion.

To make it a bit bigger, and to avoid any seam matching nonsense, I added sashing. The cornerstones are leftover bits from Make It Do's border - the same fabric line! I don't remember anymore if I originally got it to go with this quilt...but it all worked out in the end. I ran out of it before I got to the outer edge, but instead of putting the project aside and "waiting" till I found more fabric, I just finished it without the edge. And it looks just fine, so...!

So, the quilting... This is allllll my longarm rental place's doing. I took a class with Pam Clarke a while ago - one of the last ones she did before retiring. My FMQ Sampler was the result of that, and I've been trying to branch out a little {from my usual loops} this year.

I told the ladies at the shop that, and one of them gifted me a huge stack of Pam Clarke workbooks. This, um, leafy swirly thing in the main blocks is straight from the workbook. I knew it wasn't enough to fill the corner bits and sashing, so I asked for help. The custom quilter came up with the rest of the design.

The execution isn't perfect, but it still looks good. Really good. Who told you I couldn't do custom quilting? I mean, besides me?

The backing and binding are another Chez Moi fabric line - Sophie. Both lines are long out of print, but Nanetteis available and similar. I have enough of the backing for a nice wide border on something else, someday.

I wanted to get a picture with some lovely blooming flowers, but...we're just not getting spring around here. With a nice snow only a couple weeks ago, even the tulips aren't ready to come out and shine. Everything else is still pretty dead. Sigh.

But then Mother Nature decided to make it up to me a little bit! Of course, the Dude isn't the greatest quilt holder, and the light was all off because of the storms, but check out that double rainbow!

Oh, such lovely and cheerful spring colors! I love the big print on the binding, pulling out all the colors of the blocks.