Cora's T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

  Feels like forever since I've had a finished post! And I even have a stack of stuff waiting to be bound, but...summer. Always blame summer. Who wants to be handling a heavy quilt with flannel or minky backing in the summer? Let's just ignore the fact that I have air conditioning.

Anyway, this is a lovely mixture of races and memory shirts for a local girl. Which ends up being one of my strangest race shirt quilt - we have not run a single race together. I mean, heck, I ran two races with my January t-shirt quilt owner, and we didn't even live in the same state, much less the same town.

But Happy Girls, the blue on the upper right - same day as Priest Lake. Negative Split, the bottom of the third column in the middle, was the Fourth of July during my husband's sudden deployment. And it's a crime that I haven't managed to do Bloomsday since I moved back!

But anyway, it's a usual t-shirt puzzle quilt, with some added flying geese and strips as filler. Quilted with an allover swirly/wavy/twirly thing, which has to be my favorite quilting design. Adds a ton of movement!

Plus you can hide hearts in it, for a mom gifting her college-bound freshman with a quilt of memories.

The backing {and part of the flying geese} is a green swirl from Joann's, and the gold binding and filler {I don't really think she's a Packer's fan} is a Lotta Jansdotter print.

{The label will be filled out upon delivery.}


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