Craft Book Month - Rainbow Sherbet Top

I know - insane - three posts from me in 24 hours! I swear, I'm done for the week after this one.

So Craft Buds hosted a Craft Book Project blog hop this month, ending with a personal project link-up.

I don't actually own a lot of craft books - that's my entire collection, right there.
 But this one made me squeal with delight when I found out about it. {Look! It's signed! Okay, so she signed all the pre-orders.}

I knew exactly which one I wanted to make first, too. I made my first version of Raspberry Dessert back in April. Since I couldn't get my hands on the magazine it was originally published in, I drafted it myself and didn't attempt the on-point setting.
My mother-in-law hired me to make a wall hanging for her entryway, and she very quickly settled on Raspberry Dessert. {This is why I married her son. She has great taste!}

{I tried to get a less sun-dappled shot this morning, but the weather is not cooperating.}

It goes together so much faster when you have the pattern!

I borrowed the rainbow idea from Sew Many Quilts, part of the Scrap Squad from the original magazine pattern. After some debate, my mother-in-law chose a grey marble to go with it - I think it blends better than the black. Plus, it's the grey clouds between the rainbow!

The only complaint I have - and it's not a complaint about this book, just craft books in general - is that I wish it came with templates to copy and color. The original plan was to eliminate the grey and kind of blend the colors across the quilt, but as I colored, I discovered this wouldn't work. Would have been nice if I didn't have to draw the pattern before busting out the crayons.

And now this is on the to-be-quilted pile, but hopefully will not stay there long. I want to see it up on the wall!