Creeper Costume - Finished!

So, the Dude decided to be a creeper {from Minecraft} for Halloween. Sweet! We have a ton of cardboard around the house because we haven't finished unpacking. Grab some green markers, kid!

"But, Mom," he says with a pouty face. "I want to be able to sit in it!"

I shouldn't have fallen for the pouty face.

This costume was a bear to make. Six yards of various greens, the heaviest interfacing I could find, and it still doesn't hold the rectangle shape. My husband had to frame/reinforce the heck out of the head and shoulders.

Plus, he could barely walk in it. He could get his arms out the slits on the sides...but not easily. The head slit is between rows 2/3 out of 5, so it's front-heavy - we had to stack some leftover fabric behind his head to keep it from tipping over.

{Ssssssssssssssssssssssss BOOM!}

He did get a TON of compliments from other kids on the street, so there's that. I guess.

But people...just make your creeper costumes out of cardboard. Learn from me and don't fall for the pouty face.