Creeper Pillow - a Sort-of Tutorial


This project was designed entirely by my seven-year-old. So if it's not Minecraft-correct, blame him.

It makes a 15.5" unfinished quilt block - perfect for squishing over a 16" pillow form - and only requires one green fat quarter and black scraps.
{The Dude: Creepers are not actually one shade of green, but Mom said she was tired of making things with 2.5" squares.}

If you really want to pixelate your greens, just make the indicated sizes with 2" squares. For example, A can be made with 20 2" squares (2x10 layout), B can be made with four (2x2 layout), etc.


A - (2) 15.5x3.5"
B - (3) 3.5x3.5"
C - (2) 6.5x2"
D - (2) 5x5"
E - (1) 2x3.5"

F - (2) 3.5x3.5"
G - (1) 2x3.5"
H - (1) 6.5x3.5"
I - (2) 2x2"

Assembly the center pieces - (E+I)+H - in Row 4 first. Press to the black.

Assemble Rows 2, 3, and 4, continuing to press seams to the black. 

Sew each row together. I pressed the seams of 2/3 and 3/4 open, and 1/2 and 4/5 toward piece A.


 Back with muslin and quilt as desired - per my expert's advice, I used a dark green thread and echo quilted.


Use one of the following methods to make it into a pillow cover:
Envelope-style - what I used. Note: if stuffing a 16" pillow into a 15" cover, give plenty of overlap in the back.

Zipper-style - for those unafraid of zippers.


And that's how you get a seven year old boy to yell, "I LOVE YOU!"