Daisy Chain - a Finished Quilt!

Hey - it's not a t-shirt quilt! So do you want to play "guess how long this was in progress"?


I believe I bought the fabrics for it the summer my husband was deployed - so 2012. I know it was from Mary Jo's while visiting my mother-in-law, and I know my own mother saw them soon after and declared she hated them. Even though I bought them because they reminded me of a bathing suit she had in the seventies.


I made most of the block parts in 2014, then it sat around for another 18 months before I slowly assembled it last spring. The pattern is Gypsy Girl by Anka's Treasures - although a different border, obviously. I decided after finally assembling the whole thing that I wanted it to float in the background.


Quilted it right before summer, with tight swirls on the blocks, and this...loopy...thing... on the outside border. I had actually meant to switch directions when I got to the corners, but I forgot and, well, now it looks like this.


Love the backing - a retro floral to fit with the 70s vibe I got from the front. And I debated binding it in the light grey to continue the float, but I found a mustard yellow blender at my LQS's sidewalk sale, so... Now it has a frame, and I think I prefer it framed.


My husband got me daisies because he knew I needed a photo prop. Or he's nice.


The binding definitely looks better against the back than the light grey would! And yes, I haven't filled out the label. I'm not positive I want to call it Daisy Chain, so I haven't committed it to ink yet.