Design Wall Monday - Week 14

On my design wall:
What, you can't make out the details? Let me zoom in for you!
Okay, okay. In reality, this is my design wall:
Hunter's Star test block in Mon Sheri and pink Kona.
My sister requested this block in a king size quilt. Since it has LOTS of bias edges and diamonds and trapezoids, I decided to make a pillow as a test block. Then I read about the Naked Bed Challenge. So now it's going to be king size.
I'm using the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star Ruler, but I also came across a blog post explaining how to do it with HSTs and charms. Since my prints are pretty large-scale, the ruler is working better, but HSTs are generally easier than evil bias edges.
The ruler comes with instructions for 2-color, 3-color and 4-color blocks. Even though it's scrap-tacular, I'm doing the 2-color, which makes the 8-point star in the middle seem more like two pinwheels. The 3- and 4-color blocks makes the star stand out. So I'll probably be making a test pillow block of that in the near future.
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