Dog Sled Leftovers - Some Finished Things!

  LOL, how's that for a vague title? It's actually a table runner for my mother and two pillow covers for my mother-in-law, made from the leftovers of the Dog Sled quilt. Which I did manage to finish first, since it turned out it just needed one final border.

Not quilted yet - I don't even have a backing yet. Clearly I'm not in a rush to get my own stuff quilted before the end of the school year. I'll have my own longarm soon enough! {If I keep telling my husband that, eventually it will be true, right?}

So for my mom, I used four leftover strips, width of fabric, and just stitched them together for a long table runner. It's about 12x42".

For my mother-in-law, I used the last two pieces of "full" dog sleds and a modified courthouse step block to even out the size. Ended up with two 16" pillow covers.

And when I went to take pictures, CC...wanted nothing to do with the dogs. Prima donna cat. {And yes, there are toys everywhere. The Dude built an epic train track that traverses two rooms. I just step over it.}

So that leaves me with just bits and pieces of this kit to absorb into the scrap bins. Look at that - leftovers used up before even the official finish! It's like I'm becoming organized. {Hahahahaha!}

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