Dr. Seuss Fresh Air - A Finished Quilt!

  And the first of several Christmas gifts is finished - in September! I know, crazy talk. Let's just ignore the fact that I started it as a pattern test way back in, um, March. All that matters is I'm ahead on Christmas right now.

I busted into my precious Dr. Seuss stash for this one - a delightful mix of cheery fabrics and light grey cross hatch {of course} to tone it down a bit.

I didn't do any fussy cutting/planning, which led to the cute Horton peeking out over there, and the not so cute Lorax creeping over in the corner.

I used the fabric with all the book titles as the cornerstones. And even managed to keep them all upright! {I mean, not in the picture. It's folded. Just admire my pretty corners!}

The backing is a minky from Joann's. It's a bit white for a little boy's quilt, but my step-nephew is not a baby anymore, so hopefully it'll be okay. {Who am I kidding? My boys get messier as they get older.}

Green Eggs and Ham - my favorite to read aloud

The Cat in the Hat - my least favorite to read aloud

Fresh Air - a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

4 block version - 45" square

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