End of Month Report - January

I am ridiculously far behind on blogging. But, that's because I had a ridiculously busy month!
Family: the husband is back from deployment and we are adjusting without any issues. It helps that we've done this ten times. Weekly spelling tests continue to be an issue, no matter how many times we've done them.
Running: I'm still not used to full marathon training. I don't know how people do this - I'm seriously TIRED by 7 p.m. every day. Less than 4.5 weeks till Half #1, and then I ease down to half training.

Adoption: Our I-600a was approved! Which was nerve-wracking. It's a government form that requires fingerprints within six months of the home study. Ever try getting fingerprints in Afghanistan? I've heard it's not so easy. Now we're just waiting to see how the new Korean regulations will delay things.

Wedding: I tried on bridesmaid dresses and am campaigning for the one that my sister said made me look "stupid skinny." I'm still not sure that's a compliment. My sister also found her dress.

Sewing: a couple of projects finished - one UFO, two new.

Fally-gyle - yes, I still need to post about this! To be fair, we've had crap weather and no sunshine for days.

And I made a Creeper pillow. Because I'm an awesome mom.

I planned to make 3 of the 9 remaining blocks for Saturday Sampler. I made all nine!

Wanted to finish off the ten blocks I had cut for Boardwalk. Done! Now I need to decide how many I want to have overall {the pattern is 27 blocks} and plan the cutting of the remaining fat quarters. {What? Plan?}

{NewFO} Cat Tails - Made steady progress of one set of cats per week.

{Rainbow Scrap Challenge} I can't find a name or a pattern for the calendar quilt, but it looks fairly simple. I'm not mitering my blocks, and I decided to go with a single fabric per block, with the same neutral in their centers and the sashing. Ten or so each month {okay, six this month...I'll catch up!}

The other thing I had planned was quilting Olivia. I did piece the back, but my knees yelled at me every time I thought about basting it. I finally did it today and it should be finished this weekend.

As for February...
1. Quilt Star Wall Hanging and Layer Cake Snowballs.
2. Pick 16 Saturday Sampler blocks to set on point and do that.

3. Figure out what I'm doing with Boardwalk and make at least ten blocks.

4. Keep up with one Cat Tail block each week.