End of Month Report - June

Ahh, the first full month of summer. Of three - that's right, the Dude finished in Oklahoma before Memorial Day and won't go back in Washington until after Labor Day. This is the closest we'll probably ever get to 104 days of summer vacation. We've been finding a good way to spend it. ;)

Family: House is still on the market. In fact, our open house is today. And we will probably offer it to rent soon, as our packers come in two weeks and I'd like to know what's going on before then!
The Dude: already did VBS and two art classes, as well as library crafts and summer reading logs. He's also become an expert at sleeping past 9 am.

Cat: is in REMISSION!!

Adoption: nothing new here. If you're wondering on the limbo we're in, a fairly good explanation is here. We're just waiting for our turn for EP {Exit Permit} and then everything will start rolling.

Running: the Summer of Speedwork. It's interesting how running less than a mile, and for less than eight minutes overall, can hurt as much as an eight mile run. Not to mention it's 100ยบ during these sprints.

Plus, my calves are bruising again. I've narrowed it down to a problem processing lactic acid, or muscle strain from mid-foot striking. Either way, the solution is stretching, foam rolling, ice, and compression. Which means I'm starting a compression sleeve fashion statement.

{Design and photo by Lori Barbely Photography}

Wedding: the invitations for my sister's bridal shower are out, and the Pinterest-y plans are rolling along.

Blog: have you made your switch yet? I prefer Feedly for reading, but I can't figure out the link on the right there. I've also been slowly updating my pages  - I pulled the t-shirt quilts out into their own page, and finally started a 2013 finished page.


NewFO: the second Random Quilt is down to three blocks and assembly.

The last Family T-Shirt Quilt is in assembly.

And the RSC was a great leader/ender this month, polishing off all the yellows {okay, one is still on the machine being an ender}, four oranges, and a blue. A few more blues and I'm caught up...which hasn't been the case since, oh, January.

My other goals for the month were to finish Cat Tails or Saturday Sampler, but since I didn't quite finish the above, I didn't work on my stuff. Boo. I did cut all the remaining pieces for Cat Tails, since I needed the neutral blocks.

Goals for July:

1. Finish the last t-shirt quilt and random quilt.

2. Move.

3. Stay sane.

4. Hahahahaha...