End of Month Report - March

Oh, March. You were...a month.

And I'm starting to panic about our pending move. Quilters who have sold their homes - what did you do while the house was on the market? Keep just a few piecing projects around? Quilt through a pile of tops? I'm losing my sewing room {will get to keep a table in the office} and definitely losing my cutting table. 

And obviously I have to keep things picked up, so my sewing table can't look like it looks now!

Adoption: as far as we know, the time in country is back to normal, which is a huge sigh of relief. There was a possibility we'd have to spend 2-4+ weeks there, which is a bit harder with an older kid who should really not miss that much school. Now it's back to the week. Hopefully.

Running: two half marathons down! And I am officially a Half Fanatic. My times weren't quite where I wanted them {even though one was a PR.} But hey - I've got two more before the end of May to get the time I want.

Sewing: in March, I planned to...

Keep up with Cat Tails - I'm a couple blocks behind due to Spring Break, but I'll catch up in April.

Quilt Star Wall Hanging, Frolicking Pinwheels, and Skorca. Haha, no. I didn't quilt anything in March.

Make a new Creeper pillow. The Dude changed his mind and it's a Zombie pillow.

Make seven out of fourteen Boardwalk blocks. I made four. BUT - I have an excuse. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how I cut five blocks out of one pink fat quarter. I need five from the remaining teals, so I need to figure that out first! {Or buy additional fabric.}

 Also worked on...

{Some day I'll be a nine patch just like the big kids!}
Turning Flirt strip sets into blocks.

{RSC} orange - not something I have a lot of, but I've got all the blocks cut and ready as leaders/enders.

{NewFO} I should have done one from my list, but my sister ordered a baby quilt for a friend, so I'm counting that and not unrolling a jelly roll... It's basted and on it's way to being done this week. 

 So, plans for next month...

1. Get the house ready to go on the market. Wait, that's not very glamorous. Or sewing-related...other than the complete removal of my sewing stuff.

2. Finish the Cat Tails top and the Saturday Sampler top - which really means, get down to the store for more black!

3. My commissioned project for the month, a fireman t-shirt quilt.

4. Boardwalk...get those last blocks done!