End of Month Report - May

It's been a busy month, with a whole lot of successes. I'm quite pleased with May!

Family: The house is on the market! And the showings continue...

Cat: Wedge is doing pretty well, minus the fact that I'm now hand-feeding him. Plus, he's a whole new cat - my scaredy cat now sleeps with the Dude, ventures outside {with me}, and doesn't hide under beds when the doorbell rings. Do cats have bucket lists?

Adoption: Our I-600 was approved! Again! {The first time it's for "any orphan" - now it's specifically for William.} Still waiting to hear timeline news. And I have an agency in Washington already waiting to update our home study - luckily they think we'll only have to redo the actual home portion of it, not the whole thing.

Running: I did the Red Dirt Half last weekend. It was not a good race physically or mentally... Now I'm done for the "season" and getting ready to start the summer of speedwork.


Three finishes! And one almost finish...

Raiders T-Shirt Quilt - basting while watching the new episodes of the best show that was ever cancelled by Fox. {There's actually a lot of competition for that one. Says the Futurama/Greg the Bunny/Firefly/Undeclared/Andy Richter Controls the Universe/Kitchen Confidential/Titus fan.}

And one done as far as I can, as the recipient is still deciding on border fabric.

And that takes care of #1-3 on last month's list.

#4 was finish one of my personal tops...any of them...

And it was Boardwalk! There's a series of borders, which I like, but I don't have the fabric for them. So I don't know yet if I'll end up getting some and finishing it, or just finishing it as is. But the main top is done, so I am happy for now.

And just to throw another top into the mix, this is the first of two really-quite-random tops. This one is OSU/Packers/tennis. {And a NewFO!}

The second will be OU/Angels/Steelers, and is based on this quilt by From the Blue Chair.

RSC - finished the green blocks! Which means I'm only a month behind now!

June Goals:
1. Finish the two really-quite-random quilts. 

2. Finish the three t-shirt quilts orders. {Raiders/above-mentioned-family/family that hasn't been started yet.}

3. Finish Saturday Sampler so I can participate in A Season By Hand. Seems appropriate for an Amish quilt, right? However, this is inaccessible in the storage unit, so it only gets done if the house sells.

4. Finish Cat Tails. This actually is accessible so it might get done. Especially since I'm out of the neutral centers for the RSC blocks.