End of Month Report - September

Yeah, I know. There wasn't an end of month report for August. Because August sucked.

The Dude: was wait-listed at our neighborhood school. Thank God, he got in, but we didn't know for sure until a week after school started. He's settling into the school routine quickly, playing soccer with an adorably pathetic team, and found a Cub Scout den with one of his new friends.

Plus, school bus. Best.invention.ever.

He will never admit it, but he sits here every day waiting for that yellow monster to regurgitate his boy.

And then he "helps" with homework.

The cat: died in early August. And it was horrible and sad and I'm still not really over it. Tycho is very clingy, to the point of obsessiveness.

Family: the Oklahoma house closed two weeks late - but it's sold. We found a rental home in Washington fairly easily...and it's a great layout...but it was painted by color blind people. Surprisingly, all of our stuff made it through the move mostly intact.
Adoption: hurry up and wait! The week we moved in, we got a call saying we needed to update our home study ASAP. So we did, and addresses with all the various government agencies, and my fingerprints with USCIS. And now we wait again.

Wedding: nothing major other than working on the Wedding Guestbook Quilt and getting my dress altered.

Running: ugh. None at all in August. I finally started again in September and it is a very slow build up. I decided against the Spokane Half, because I'm not even close to ready, but now it means I have to keep working to stay in shape even though I'm not training for anything.

On the plus side, Spokane has an insane amount of trails, so it's been easy to get out there. I can run all the way to Idaho on a trail, completely protected from traffic. It's a nice change!

Sewing: Progress but few finishes.


Finished Tops - both September NewFOs!

{How CharmingQuilt in a Day}

{H is for Henry - Art to Heart}

Slow Progress

16/36 blocks

Rows are pieced. Now to get them all together and add borders.

So yeah, not a lot of sewing. But I'm settling into a routine now that the boxes are unpacked and almost everything is semi-organized. Plus, I learned how to long-arm quilt, so I should be cruising through my lists a little faster. I've already got rental time scheduled for later this week and two tops ready to go.