Eva's Races - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And once again, we come to one of my favorite t-shirt quilts - the local one! This one is even more personal, as I did a nearby triathlon relay with the owner just last weekend. And we took third overall team and first all-female team!


She requested a tight and "crazy" design, which led to a lot more partial seams than I normally do. But I have to admit, it looks pretty cool.


Couer d'Alene, Spokane '14 - did those! And the lovely Bloomsday shirts, plus some military ones, and a nice variety of European ones as well!


Quilting is the ever faithful loops and flowers.


Backing and binding is a bright blue world map with compasses - definitely perfect for this one. She plans on hanging it, so I added corner pockets and a hanging sleeve. In the same fabric of the backing, she won't even notice them if she chooses to snuggle under it.