February - Short but Successful

There might have only been 28 days in February, but I packed them full of starts and finishes and blocks.

Of course, it helped that my husband was gone for half of the month, and the Dude doesn't mind if I serve him chicken quesadillas...every night. Plus I had a race at the end of January, so there was a lot of laziness recovery instead of exercise.


Finished Tops

Chunky Log Cabin - I finished quilting the blocks, but ran out of time on the borders. Almost done!

Reverse Hearts - finished the top this week, pieced the backing, and it's ready to be quilted next!



Spin Cycle - I don't know why I can't take a decent shot of these. Believe me, they are really far more lovely than the color implies. This is my official NewFO - Hearts and Vera and the wall hangings were also new, but this one is for ME.

Cat Tails - sadly, stalled out when I ran out of the background fabric. Worse, no one around here carries it. Worst, I have the selvage but there's a million 1867s! So I'm mailing my scraps and selvages to Ladyfingers in the hopes that they can mail back the right stuff.

Celtic Solstice - slowly chugging along. You know how it is - sew, sew HST...trim...sew side triangle...press...sew side triangle...press...trim dog ears...sew blue triangle...press...CONGRATS! You have 1/9th of a block. After you trim the dog ears. Still, it is progressing.


Our court date in Korea was changed. It's now a week later, which sucks, but we will be home for the Dude's birthday, so it's worth it. Pulling together all the final details/paperwork and trying not to panic!

The Dude took sixth place in his Pinewood Derby with his Minecraft squid car. Designed it himself! It was more of an artistic design than a speed design, so we're he's pretty happy finishing that high.

I'm easing back into half marathon training - I have four in 34 days starting in May, so my basic plan is the sprints/tempo runs of the FIRST plan {which I used to get my PR in January} with long runs over nine miles every weekend.

Not much to say about the cats. CC is still a terrible wee beastie. Tycho and I are still barely tolerant.