Felt Friday Finish - Quiet Book Pages

This is the start of an on-going project, much like the soon-to-be-revitalized {or at least the Dude hopes} Felt Food Friday.

Since I'm about to have a toddler I have to entertain for a God-awful amount of time on an airplane, I made some quiet book pages.
Of course, it's not really a book yet. I have some grommets to put it together, but the grommet tools are...not working with me. So right now, I have some pages and a whole lot of ideas.

But aren't they cute pages?

In action!

There's still a lot of stuff that still needs to happen. Like Doctor Who finger puppets. And grommets in the shoes so they can be laced. {Coincidentally, those are the Tenth Doctor's shoes. COINCIDENTALLY, I said!}

And more clothes for Pororo - a Korean cartoon character. That's his usual hat and goggles, but I'm going to make a police outfit and fireman outfit and Jedi robe and....etc.

The Dude loves this project - he designed the monster himself. He's been helping me come up with a list of pages that we have to have - like match the socks, Tic Tac Toe, braid Princess Leia's hair, and pet the Wampa.

{Okay, so we're not a normal family. But the Little Man was going to figure that out soon enough anyway, right?}