Felt Friday & Some Randomness

Any guesses as to what my infuriatingly creative Dude is going to be for Halloween this year?

And the randomness...

Walking foot troubles

This piece keeps popping loose on my walking foot, rendering it completely useless, since it's the piece that makes the grippers on the top move. It will work for a while, then pop off. Anyone know why or how to fix it?

The cat has taken his love of feet and his over-involvement in my sewing to a new level. {What? You're not wearing Christmas socks yet?}

I got him back by shaking minky backing on him.

The minky backing of this t-shirt quilt! Which is half-bound! Woo!

And Karin at Cascade Quilts is hosting a Modern Siggy Swap. Go join.

Oh, and see the little Daily Mile ticker on the right? It's moving. I'm training for Tulsa's Route 66 Half Marathon. Perfect time of year for running - I'm doing the Bridge-to-10K running program and I'm very impressed at my pace improvement. {Yes, I know a 10K is not a half marathon. In a week, I'm going to start doubling up on my Friday runs.}