Fifteen Minute Challenge - Week 13

15 minutes a day and I have a Grinch quilt top!

{I know, it's really wrinkled.}

Tuesday - measured & cut red border
Wednesday - sewed red border
Thursday - measured and cut white border
Friday - sewed top/bottom borders
Saturday - cut flying geese squares for Advent Calendar
Sunday - sewed charms for Advent Calendar
Monday - sewed side borders
I realized this weekend that the first holiday deadline I had was Nov. 27 for Advent...and I hadn't started the Advent Calendar yet. I'm doing this one from Moda Bake Shop, and boy they're not kidding when they say it's easy.
Whipped this pile up in no time. I'm going to let the embroidery machine add the numbers, and this sucker should be on the wall in no time.
I'm also combining linky parties again. Over at the Quilter's Table, she hosts a recipe link up on Tuesdays. I'm not a great cook and all my recipes are from Alton Brown or All Recipes. However, I do have my favorite sweet potatoes recipe from my mother. Copied directly from her email to me.

peel and cut up the sweet potatoes

put in your pan with a little bit of water, half cup maybe
then put in some brown sugar - a cup maybe, a cup and a half? whatever looks good. I usually pinch off about 2 inches in the bag and just dump that in
about 2 tablespoons of margarine
sprinkle a little tiny bit of salt
cook until the potatoes are soft, maybe 25 minutes?
you have to turn the light down after they boil
then thicken the liquid with cornstarch mixed with water - maybe a tablespoon of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of water?

Don't you love the exacting details of a family recipe? It's still usually the only thing I get right.

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