Fifteen Minute Challenge - Week 16

I've spent way more than 15 minutes in the sewing room every day this week - it's Christmas Crunch Time!
Tuesday - basted the Grinch
Wednesday - pieced Rudolph
Thursday-Monday - quilted the Grinch, made doll clothes
Monday - borders on Rudolph
So far the Grinch has diamond cross-hatching. I haven't decided if I want to do a couple of extra lines in there. I think it'll depend on time - I need to get Rudolph basted today so I can quilt while the Dude is at school. Rudolph's quilting will be even simpler than the Grinch's, so if I get done by Friday, I can add lines to the Grinch.
 I tried drawing the extra lines, but, um, I can't draw with a mouse. I think it will look good {with thread} so I hope I have enough time.
I'm going to spend this week's 15 minutes prepping the binding for both of them, so they'll be good to go by next week. Oh, crap, I need to be ready for Christmas by next week! Okay, I need to spend 15 minutes each day ordering presents, and 15 minutes each day baking cookies, and 15 minutes wrapping presents, and...
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