Finish-A-Long First Quarter Summary

It's March 31st already?? Yikes! 
I said I wanted to finish three quilts this quarter, plus quilt as least one of my languishing tops. 
Then life, as it does, went all topsy turvy. My husband is deploying. In conjunction, the Dude and I are going to live with my parents this summer. They have a huge basement floor perfect for quilt basting. (I can't easily baste anything bigger than 50" on my kitchen floor.)

{And they have three cats. So there will be five of them "helping" me. And one is convinced he's still a kitten. He'll be a BIG help.}

So all tops - except for three baby quilts I need to finish in the coming quarter - will be doing more languishing until then. So I'm not technically finished with these, but I am finished in accordance with the new plans in my life.

Skorca! - top finished
Frolicking Pinwheels - top finished
Big Blue - top finished, quilted, waiting for binding