Five Spot - a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern!

Another Friday, another Porch Swing Quilts feature! But first - last week's winner of Taffy is Michelle! You lucky lady, you. {What? I don't have favorites. I swear!}

This week is all about Five Spot. And y'all - as much as I love Taffy - this is a great fast one. These blocks are BIG and they go together fast. Our best man is finally having a baby of his own, so I dove into my green, blue, and novelty scrap bins to whip up a few blocks. Four and a border and it's a baby quilt! ...when I'm not in the Christmas/t-shirt quilt season.

I think my favorite part about quilts in general, and therefore Jennie's patterns, is the secondary pattern. I love it when blocks and sashings play together to make something just a little more. Like that star hidden in the background fabric up there. LOVE.

And I suppose a finished Five Spot is nice to see, too. Jennie rocked it in Flower Sugar by Lecien.

Same as last week - Five Spot is on sale this week for $5! <---I see what you did there.

But you can win it here! Just use the widget below and leave a comment telling got nothing. I'm leaving for Vegas in about an hour and my brain is already on vacation. Ooh! Tell me a fun thing to do in Vegas! a half marathon! And a 5K! {Yes, I have a very wide definition of "fun."}

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