Flirt Marks the Spot - Finished!

There is nothing that I don't love about this finish.

I love the pattern, from McCall's Quilting Magazine. When I saw it, I immediately envisioned it in Sandy Gervais' Valentine line. Because of course.

I immediately envision most patterns in SG's Valentine lines. Doesn't everyone?

I knew I wanted to quilt it with daisies, but I've not yet tried flowers. So I used a pantograph - Hearts and Daisies. It was easy to follow and I definitely gained a lot of muscle memory for flowers!

I tried to keep it slow and not loop when I changed directions - something I struggle with when I move faster. I love how it came out.

I pulled the three white-on-white strips out of the jelly roll, with the assumption that they wouldn't place nice in the pattern. {Entirely true.} They became binding along with the leftover background Kona {which isn't white...that's about all I remember. It's bone or parchment or snow or sleet or cream or milk or...}

The border fabric isn't SG. I walked into one of my LQSes, spotted this immediately, then wandered around the whole store because, really, the first thing? There has to be something better. There wasn't. It's Amanda Murphy's Bella.

The backing is - don't tell the quilt police - a full size flannel flat sheet from Target. Yes, I prewashed it, and yes, it has a looser weave than pretty much any flannel I've bought from Joann's or a quilt store, so I wasn't worried about it on the machine. 

And it's big enough without piecing and it's adorable little dots and it matches quite well and I still have the pillowcases and fitted sheet that I can hand over to my mother-in-law to make jammie pants with.

Label stitched on, but not yet labeled.

Have I mentioned I love it?

{And so do the cats.}