Flower - a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

  This, my dear friends, is an example of why you don't necessarily want me as a pattern tester. Jennie from Porch Swing Quilts sent me her first mock-up of the block. I immediately swooned. She then CHANGED IT to cut easier from a fat quarter.


And I get it. Designer's prerogative and all that nonsense. I guess. It's quite a lovely quilt like this, and her version does make the "flower" stand out a little more.


But, oh man, I could not stop thinking about the first version. After whining asking permission nicely, Jennie gave me free rein to make the first version, since the measurements and pressing instructions would be the same. Don't worry, I checked all the background cutting instructions to make sure those were right before I went off the rails.


And oh, she is glorious, my little Flower!

To be fair, you have to be very careful cutting this version - there's 1/4" leftover from a fat quarter, in more than a few spots, so if yours isn't 18x21" after squaring, you can't do it. There's nothing leftover for miscuts.

Also, Jennie's version cuts the block and cornerstones for the sashing from the FQs - I sacrifice all the cornerstones to get what I want. {I'm also supplementing my FQ set with a bit of yardage from stash, so I knew I could replace them. You could just add another FQ to your shopping list, or stash-grab the cornerstones. Or, you know, make the pattern version.}


{I love that red/blue/yellow one!}

But anyway, the lovely Flower pattern is on sale at Jennie's Craftsy shop for $5 this week only! Guaranteed math and pressing instruction perfection. ;)

Oh, and my version is made with Round Up by Samantha Walker, and Jennie's is Pam Kitty Garden by...Pam Kitty Morning.

And yes, mine is only one block. It'll be a Christmas gift for my niece, so I'm not in a huge rush to finish it. That's what December is for.