Flying Four #2 - A Finished Quilt

  Second verse, same as the first...I mean, pretty darn close, at least.


This is Flying Four - again. Back in May, I pattern tested this for Jennie at Porch Swing Quilts, and made the full twelve block version. Then, my son's teacher announced he was having a baby girl, so I ripped off four blocks and made it into a baby quilt.


And then I made another four blocks into a second quilt, quilted it the same day, and then it sat foreeeeeeeeever until I really just needed a finish to call January a win. {There's been a lot of sickness in my house this month. I really needed one win.}


The backing is the exact same Maywood flannel fabric as the first one, except in yellow. And it's every bit as soft and lovely. The binding is a green polka dot - I did, actually, want to use the same binding as the first one, but I can't find it right now. And I rather like the green on this version, anyway.


The whole time I was prepping this photo shoot, I kept thinking there was one last thing I was supposed to do. No, not write the label...goodness knows, I never remember that. But this time I even forgot to stitch it down! Quickly remedied.