FMQ Sampler - A Finished Mini!

So, I rent time on a longarm, which is an awesome experience. My place is decently priced, the other workers there give me tons of advice, and I don't have to worry about maintenance or keeping CC off the machine.'s not great for expanding my skills. I don't want to try something new, screw it up, have to pick it out and start all over when I'm paying for every precious minute there! Which is why almost every quilting design I do is a variation on loops.

Finally, last year {uh, September 2015...that's still last year, right?}, I took a class at my longarm shop with Pam Clarke, a Gammill superstar.


And this is the result! She provided the quilt sandwiches - the strips of fabric were there for us to quilt in or ignore, depending on the design. It's both the most modern and most not modern mini I have - those are some seriously old calicos in those strips.


We wrote on it with green "washable" markers from the Dollar Store - which was terrifying. But since it then sat for a year {and four months} before washing, and it all came out, I'd say it's a decent endorsement. Still not sure I would do it on a customer quilt!


Some designs were easier than others. Kudos to anyone who likes pebbling, because that tiny section in the middle there was enough to convince me I never want to do that again!!


I thought I was doing awful on the onion design, but now that it's washed, it looks pretty good!


Teeny tiny orange peel was my favorite.


She sometimes had us use the lines of the fabric to learn control, and sometimes we drew in our own lines. I especially like the stuff in the top middle, going down in an invisible stair-step. {More orange peel-ish?}


From a distance, it starts to look much cooler.


I had to block it to get it nice and straight after washing - with the heavier quilting and a year {and four months} in a box before finishing, it was fairly warped. But it did block well, and now hangs evenly.


And now I'm starting a new mini wall for the bigger pieces! {Ignore my wall color. It's a rental house.}


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