Four Patch Frenzy - Finished!

Wonder why you never saw this quilt on the blog until recently? I pieced it on a whim about a year ago to test out a design in my head.

{Someday I will find a spot to take pictures that doesn't include my neighbor's very attractive chain link fence.}

And it was not a success, so I didn't share it.

{Oh, hey, look - it's my neighbor's trampoline!}

I mean, it's a nice quilt. Big blocks to showcase some nice large prints. Very easy to piece, as it's just a variety of four patches. I made it in less than a day.

{Ironically, there was snow on the ground this morning, so I could have gotten a shot without dead grass in it.}

But see the chain of little pour patches? Right, not so much. They could be a chain. They should be a chain. But since I didn't think much about color placement, they just kind of blend in.

So, lesson learned. And I'll take out my coloring book graph paper and try again. Well, after I finish the second one, because I went gung-ho on the cutting. Oops.

Fabric is A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey, although I think the red is Little Apples? The binding is Sherbet Pips, and the backing is an adorable bow flannel from Joann's. Perfectly matched - which, of course, means now I can't find it anywhere to have it for the second quilt.

I do think my quilting is adorable. A variation on my usual loops - they're little bowties! And most of them don't look like butts!

45" square