Fresh Air - a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

  Once again, it's time for a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern! This one, Fresh Air, was a joy to test. I didn't think I really loved it at first, but I put together a test block and it just looked so cheerful. Its friends soon followed.

I haven't assembled the quilt yet - this one, as well as Flower and two of the fall releases, are destined to be Christmas quilts for nieces and a nephew, so there's no rush. Plus, I was able to cut a little more efficiently because my fat quarters were slightly longer than normal, so I'm thinking about cutting into some different FQs for the cornerstones. Because I have an appalling number of quite a few Dr. Seuss fat quarters.

Jennie used Daysail in her version. And she cuts the binding from the fat quarters, so it's scrappy and you don't need to worry about figuring out binding at the end!

I think my favorite part of this pattern is that all the background pieces are the same size. Flying geese, bird in the air - all the same. Four patch and bird squares? Same size. Don't get me wrong, I loved Flower, but it can be a pain in the rear to try to remember which piece goes with which part.

Organizing. Easier said than done. #flowerquilt #catsthatsew

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Because cats don't care that you're trying to keep a lot of pieces organized.

And not to let a post go by without CC as well - a moment of honesty. I'm getting {slightly} better at using proper backgrounds and lighting and whatnot. Sometimes that's a piece of fleece and waiting for someone to flick her tail out of the shot. After shoving all the toys off to the side.

Ahem. Anyway. Fresh Air is on sale for $5 this week! Buy it and whip up a baby size quilt in a day, or a lap size in a weekend! There's also going to be a Maxi pattern next week, and she's finally cracked under the pressure and decided to release Mini patterns!