The Gifts of Instagram

  So, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've been doing some swaps on Instagram. The best part of swaps? Getting squishy, happy mail back. I love getting things that reflect the maker, especially when they do things I can't.

I finally got most of the recent stuff hung up, and now my wall makes me super happy. Much like the drunk flamingo is super happy. {Doesn't everyone have a drunk flamingo in their sewing room?}

"Shattered Chevrons" was made by Missbiro - she used a pattern I had pinned and somehow managed to nail the colors of the drunk flamingo.

The UP house was made by Catherinedutton and it is flat out freaking amazing applique. Seriously, teeny tiny detail work.

The Star Wars cross stitch is by my friend Jess from Oklahoma, pre-Instagram, and the sarcasm sign is from my wonderful husband. {The drunk flamingo? From my mother-in-law.}

The Doctor Who pillow cover was made by theoriginalpoppy - and I know it's a pillow cover, but whatever. I hung it up. It has amazing sketch quilting.

She also made a sketch of Eleven that I need to get framed for the wall {bowties are cool} and a pillow cover for Ten, which I'm actually going to use as a pillow, so that I can hug Ten every night. {THAT'S NOT CREEPY. SHUT UP.}

And then Jennie from Porch Swing Quilts made me a Weekender Bag in thanks for pattern editing. I sent her the panels and fabric, and she did all the real work, because I don't do 3D sewing or zippers.

It's really too big for a daily bag, but I'm so thrilled with it that I'm using it anyway. Plenty of pockets for my wallet, snacks, airplanes, diapers... {Sigh. How do you potty training a child with communication delays?}

And she made me a Sew Together Bag! Because zippers.

I already filled it up with my binding clips, hand stitching threads, and needles. Fits right into the Weekender with a small project to stitch binding onto.

And, since I'm behind on blogging and won't get a chance to add this by Monday, my ALYOF goal is to finish this gift for a non-Instagram friend. See how I didn't tie that into this post really at all? It's quilted - just needs to be unpinned, trimmed, and bound.

And since I'm tying in link-ups with practically no rhyme or reason, I made a color palette for Jennie. Theme is winter, and I love waking up to a fresh clear day after a snow storm. Unfortunately, I've only been waking up to freezing fog. What the heck is the point of living in the PacNW??

I swear, next week, I'll get back in the habit of doing a Work in Progress post, and these things will be where they belong. Especially since I have about a hundred things in progress.