Goals for 2017

  So, every year around this time, I say that I want to "bust my stash" and "finish more UFOs" and all that other New Year's resolution stuff. {Buy less fabric - bwahahaha!} And every year, I usually end up with more stash, more projects, more disorganization, more...everything.

{Surprisingly, never more cats. Although there is a new hamster this year!}


Finally, in 2016, I got to the point where I really just had to get organized. I did some "KonMari" clutter removal, got in the habit of writing lists in a bullet journal, and basically Pinterest-ed myself into routines and organization.

Even, a bit, in the sewing room. My WiPs used to be everywhere. And I'm not showing off the other shelves packed with fabric piles. But now, with the pizza boxes {from a local restaurant supply store - and I haven't filled all fifty!} at least I can see....that I have way too many UFOs and I really need to come up with a plan to bust them.


So - the plan...is to have a plan. I read In Color Order's crafty goal blog post, thanks to A Quilter's Table's awesome newsletter, and realized I need actual goals - instead of "bust some UFOs" - I need to finish at least one full size UFO a month this year. {In addition to the t-shirt quilts, of course.}

Each month, I need to identify which one I plan to do...and do it. I left plenty on my "Other" list for the Finish-Along this quarter, so I have options if I just don't feel like tackling the dog sled borders just yet.

And as a reward, when I finish three projects, I can start a new one from stash. I have several piles of "fabric that goes together and needs a pattern," plus, well, a lot of stash. And honestly, a lot of what I bought in the last few years are blenders - it's getting pretty rare for me to even want to buy an entire fabric line.

I'm also planning on "putting myself out there" more this year - I'm co-hosting BOMs Away!, I'm doing a Christmas in July blog hop, and I have four tutorials to write up. And scheduled so they'll get done! And I'm entering one of my Quilts of Valor into a contest, selling off some of my baby quilts, and I signed up for some affiliate programs.

And I'm even almost done with my business taxes for 2016!

So yeah. I'm planning on getting a lot done.

Um, at least in the first half. Then we'll move this summer and screw everything up. Can't wait!