Guest Curator Challenge

Sew Lux Fabrics is having a guest curator contest - make an eight fabric bundle and describe the inspiration.

Easy peasy on the inspiration. My sister is engaged! And more importantly, I'm the maid of honor! I'm taking my duties very seriously. You can tell by my Pinterest board devoted to it.
Her shower will be in early August, and I've already decided on a vague chocolate-covered-raspberry-with-silver-accents theme. {Actually, it's pretty much a Chambord theme...but that makes me sound like an alcoholic.}
Pulling together the bundle was pretty easy. You'd think the focal fabric {Coquette by Chez Moi} would have come first, but it was actually added near the end when I realized I had a lot of tonal prints.

So beware: there are wedding posts to come. Including a guest book quilt, which I quickly agreed to so that she wouldn't ask me to make a double wedding ring.