Hope Is the Thing With Feathers - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  An Emily Dickinson quote for an Emily quilt! My friend Emily is someone I met at church when I was in college and she was in high school. She then went to my college, joined my sorority, and continued on in the United Methodist Church as an ordained minister. And when she moved to her new job in Northern Virginia last month, she found some old t-shirts she couldn't bear to downsize.

And that's my job, basically! She sent me the shirts, I worked out the design, and boom! Functional, pretty memories. Plus, I have a bin of old W&L shirts of my own that didn't go in my t-shirt quilt, so she borrowed two of those for this one. {I asked my husband if he was now glad that I saved them...he was not.}

That's an original Return of the Jedi shirt! And the Walk for Equality is from 1981! And yet we're still having Star Wars movies and Women's Marches... One of these things is less awesome than the other.

Guess what? Pulpit butt... It's my new favorite joke.

The border and backing are both flannels from Joann's. The binding is leftover from Lori's quilt, Kaffe Fassett shells. I love it when a leftover piece has all the right colors for a totally different quilt!

The quilting is subtle all-over loops and stars.

Such a soft, cozy quilt! Perfect for wrapping up her new baby. Yeah - the same week she moved, she had her third child. And here I am whining about my impending move with two kids and no newborn!