Hunter's Star Top - Finished!

Man, I am glad to have this done.
What started as a test block for my sister grew into a queen size quilt - 80x88".
{Yes, the guest bedroom is the toy room. And I own bedskirts. We don't use them because brown recluse spiders will climb them to get into beds.}
There were a lot of bias edges, but the effect is totally worth it.
I used Deb Tucker's Hunter's Star Ruler - if you're going to make this, I recommend it. The instructions are very clear and the ruler is well marked.
The instructions called for 7-8" squares to make the half triangles - I found that 7" still had over 1/2" trimmed off in the end. I ended up using 6.75" - that gave me enough wiggle room with the least waste.
 And oh boy, the waste. Well, not really. Just leftovers. I bought 8.75 yards to make this size. I guesstimate I have about 2 yards leftover from cutting, mostly in chisels, diamonds and triangles. Luckily, Paulette from Sweet P Quilting obviously knew of my plight when she posted about chisels last week. So I've got some ideas.
And now I just have to figure out how to quilt it. And then start on my sister's king size. Eek.
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