Husband's Offensive T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

It's not the prettiest quilt in the Bloggers' Quilt Fest, or really intricate piecing, or amazing modern fabric, or a wonderful inventive design.
But I bet it's the only quilt that has Willie Nelson flipping the bird.
{Uh, warning: Willie Nelson flips the bird. There will be a picture of it. Stop now if you're offended.}
So, the story. My husband is a pilot in the Air Force. At our last base, they were on a two-months-deployed-two-months-home schedule. It's brutal. You get used to them being gone, they come back. The entire time they're back, you're waiting for them to leave again.
My husband and I have terrible senses of humor, and he started dealing with it by wearing offensive t-shirts under his flight suit. Willie was the first; the pirate was the second. I added to the offensive t-shirts at Christmas every year.
Some came from friends, too.
Last fall, the Air Force decided that pilots could no longer wear black shirts under their flight suits, and morale {squadron colors} t-shirts on Friday were verboten. Everyone has to wear bland beige.
A few months later, my husband found out he was deploying.
Well, screw that. I'm not letting my husband deploy without his deployment shirts.
{Quilted in a diamond cross hatch with invisible thread. Which, t-shirts + minky backing + fishing line = pain in the butt}
 {And speaking of pain in the butt - it's cat approved.}
It's a mix of the offensive t-shirts and his squadron/college/Air Force t-shirts. Backed in a black minky {he and the Dude share a love of fuzzy backs} and bound in black Kona. 
It measures 50x68" - a good size to cover his bed at an undisclosed location for an undisclosed length of time.