I Run For Wine - a Finished Quilt

  Another month, another t-shirt quilt, another race that I'm jealous of.


That would be the NC Half Marathon on the bottom. They had a medal that LIGHTS UP. And you run ON THE SPEEDWAY. This race has been cancelled for the foreseeable future, so sadly I'm checking off North Carolina with a different race this spring.

Ahem, anyway. The quilt. The name is from the fabulous backing fabric (Joann's local fare, but no idea where it's local to since I had to order it online.) It's a common running saying, too, although I'm more of a fan of the "whine now, wine later."


She's a Half Fanatic, so I quilted in her number.


And she did the Princess Glass Slipper Challenge {10K/Half, like the Rebel Challenge but not as cool because it's not Star Wars.} So of course I quilted in a Mickey.


And the rest of the quilting is loops and flowers. How come my best flowers are on the bottom?

The purple sashing is an older Riley Blake Halloween fabric - I bought it in Oklahoma from the clearance section, so it is probably about 3+ years old. Paired with grey cross hatch {the same stuff I used in Fresh Air} because of course I'm using crosshatch when I'm given free range.


Seriously, this backing. Gorgeous.

70" square