#instagramminis - finishes!

I started participating on Instagram last year, mostly because my Facebook friends were tired of CC pictures. And you know what people in IG are never tired of? Cat pictures. Eventually this led to IG mini quilt swaps, and I fell immediately in love. It's a great way to stretch myself creatively, but in a small way.

My first one, a general swap, I was paired with a photographer who listed mustard yellow as her favorite color. Uhhhhh, speaking of things I don't have in my stash... I had 1.5" strips of the grey camera fabric. She had a lot of hexagons on her Pinterest boards. An idea was born, some new fabrics were added to the stash, and voila! The back is Polaroid cameras by Riley Blake.

It measures about 24" from the widest points.

Next up, Doctor Who. No doubt whatsoever I was doing this one. I was experimenting with various layouts for Debbie from A Quilter's Table Spiraled, and decided this was a good mini to go for it. So much fun, though it's hard to know when to stop rearranging and just...make it.

My sister picked out the blue fabric - I knew I'd have leftovers, so I offered them to her. I wanted the HSTs big enough to showcase the characters, so this ended up being a big 'mini' at 30" square. Backing is a fat quarter of Doctor Who phrases, and blue border fabric leftover from Catching Fire{flies}.

And lastly, Disney mini swap. My partner likes stars, red and purple, and Cinderella's mice. The mice are leftover from my sister's Cinderella fabric - easy to fussy cut. I struggled with bringing more color into this - auditioning greens and teals and pinks and yellows. Finally I Lori decided to just embrace the red/purple.

Measures approx. 20" square. Backing is 101 Dalmatians print. It's my first international package, and last I checked, it was in Kuala Lumpur. Which is not actually close to England, its destination. So it's been a little nerve wracking!

This year, I decided to mostly stick with swaps of a specific genre - I'm doing Nerds Craft It Better {duh}, a cat mini swap, and I'm eagerly awaiting signups for a Broadway themed one. And coming up, I'll post about the stuff I've received! Which is way more fun than the stuff I made!