iSpy Sliced Coins - Finished!

I've got two finished quilts to write about, but the iSpy goes first since I've been working on it since January.
The pattern is Don't Call Me Betsy's Sliced Coins Quilt Along. I used novelty fabrics and cut two coins from each, so my nephew can play a matching game instead of going to bed at night.
I really like the strip of solid between each coin - this quilt would be far too busy without it. The solid is Delft Blue Kona. The fabrics range from Moda Love U turtles to John Deere from Hobby Lobby.
 The back is green flannel, and it shows the quilting nicely. I used the Big Diamond, Little Diamond design by FITF.
One tip on this quilting pattern - do all your lines in one direction, quilt, then draw the second set. I got confused at points as to which direction I was going. If you can, mark the dividing lines in a different color than the actual quilting lines.
Another tip: if you're using a washable marking pen, don't flick water at the cat when he tries to play "catch the ruler."
I love the littlest diamonds formed in the middle.
iSpy Sliced Coins measures about 50x60" and is bound in a blue stripe that has been in my stash for ten years, and will continue to be in my stash for the next twenty. I think it replicates every time I use some.
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