Kats with Kate - The Start

As teased on Monday, I'm making a cat quilt from this pattern. Since Kate from Life in Pieces is making a cat quilt, too, we thought it would be fun to post together about it.

My pattern incorporates snails tail blocks with the cat bodies to make intertwined tails. I saw it done in reproduction fabrics on a message board almost three years ago, and bought a pile of those at a sale two years ago.

And now I'm FINALLY getting around to making the quilt.

I am the only cat you need, human.

It's probably a good thing I waited. There's a lot of bias edges in the tails, and I'm much better at working with those now than I was two years ago.

{However, I'm questioning some of my fabric choices!}

One of the nice things about the pattern is that it cuts three cats from each fat quarter. Each week, I cut one set of fat quarters and piece one set of cats, and store the extras {in an organized fashion, even!} So by the end of the month, I'll have all the pieces cut and can just put together the rest of the cats.