Kats with Kate - Three! {Should Be Four}

Three - three finished Cat Tails!

I have been trying to do one a week, but this week got a little...busy.

In a very good way. :)

#4 is cut, but not yet pieced. I've reached the end of my fat quarters, so almost all the cutting is done! I have a couple scrap pieces to carve into kitties, and everything else is just piecing.

This is the original layout from the pattern, but I'm debating another one suggested by Lies. Next time I should have enough blocks to get a feel for each layout - and then y'all can help me decide.

Check out Kate's Kats at Life in Pieces!

And another rare Wedge spotting! He doesn't normally hang out at the design wall, but that sunny spot was too good to pass up. Once it left him {and he stretched it out as long as possible} he was off to find a better one.

Oh, and I just hit 100 followers this week. Woo, small milestone! So I will get a giveaway together for that in the next couple of days.