Laura's T-Time - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  I know I said I was going back to normal size t-shirt quilts after the last two 100+" ones, but this one is only slightly smaller. This client sent me a rather large stack of shirts and said she liked my grid designs the best.

Well, ask and ye shall...get me scribbling on paper, at least. It actually worked out perfectly once I figured out what was oversized and what was undersized, and meshed it all together.

This is my favorite part - a beloved childhood shirt. I took the buttons off to put it into the quilt, obviously, then stitched them back on. That's what you get with personalized service. ;)

The backing is a cheery and bright floral from Joann's. The sashing is also from Joann's, and the cornerstones and binding are Kona Teal.

The quilting is one of my favorites - just swirly Cs...but sometimes I make them into secret hearts. In fact, when I update my quilting option list {another thing on my summer to-do list!} I'm just going to call it the secret heart design.

Oooh, lovely corners. Oooh, unfilled label...