Layer Cake Quilt Along - Block Five

More catch-up on the Layer Cake Quilt Along...
This one I started to totally change, as seen above. I thought it looked a bit off in the instructions and decided to flip all the blocks around.
Then I checked out the Flikr group, and darn it all, everyone's block done the original way look better! I'm going to blame the digital picture - it just looked flat.
So I'm back to the original design. Don't tell Cara I messed with it. She hosts Talk Night Tuesday and I don't want her blocking me on Twitter. ;)
Oh, and yes, I know there's something missing in the block. I didn't want to cut into another layer cake piece, so I'm waiting on a scrap. I don't like the way any of my leftover 4.5" squares look so far, but I'm sure I'll have more options as the QA continues!