The Leftovers - a Finished Quilt!

  This was a simple, fast do you want to know how long it was hanging out in my sewing room, partially finished? No, no you don't.

It started out as a quilt-as-you-go project. That didn't go well - by four strips in, it was unwieldy, the stitches were uneven, and the whole thing was getting a bit slanted. So I ripped the strips off the backing and started over.

I bought 1.75 yards of the backing fabric and cut off 6" for a middle stripe on the front. {And another chunk that I thought I was going to use in the front, but didn't. So now I have a new leftover piece to start another one!}

Everything else - leftovers. Backings, mostly. Specifically, Road to OK/WA {purple}, Vera Bradley {teal}, and Flirt {white with dots}. Because I use a longarm, I have about 4" leftovers on each side, and another chunk from the bottom. So I just sewed together 44" strips until I had a long enough chunk for 1.5 yards of backing!

The quilting - an X with 1" echoes - is also leftovers - emptying out bobbins of various colors. Purples, teals, pinks - they all got their chance.

And all of the batting is leftover strips, too!

I used more teal for the binding - cut to 2.75" as it's flannel. Now there's only a few bits left of that one! And because rules are silly, I machine bound it with a bright pink bobbin thread.

This didn't even make a dent in my flannel scrap bins. But I didn't mind the process {other than basting - ugh, that's why I switched to longarm!} so I'll match some more backing strips together soon!

I planned on this going to Happy Chemo or Camp Hobe as part of the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge, but it may be a bit too small. {44x56"} If so, it'll be donated locally to Project Linus.

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