Live, Laugh, & Learn - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt

Well, this post is a wee bit long in coming. I caught RSV while on spring break in early April, and took an unintentional but apparently needed break. I'm still fairly tired most days, although the cough is finally gone. And so it's time to catch up on the very little sewing I've been doing since then....


...a t-shirt quilt, of course! Although this one includes a jacket, a pair of track pants, and a Catholic school skirt, so I guess it can hardly be called just t-shirts.


It's for a young lady graduating from Marist College - hence the foxes adorning the back. The family lives in the same town as one of my aunts - in fact, my father stole borrowed a street sign with his name {and my elder son's name} from that town a long time ago.


I embroidered the names of some cities and countries she visited while abroad in high school - it sounds like an amazing trip!

I originally cut the skirt to hold the traditional pleats, but the mother decided she wanted it flat. Which was probably the better decision {quilting it would have been a nightmare}, but I'm still kind of proud about holding all the pleats in place!


The backing is Dapper Foxes by Andie Hanna, the border is Cameo by Amy Butler, and the sashing, cornerstones, and binding are Fairy Frost Cobalt and Fairy Frost Powder Blue. And yes - I know - the label isn't filled out. I really do write it in, eventually!