Lordy Lordy, Lori's Forty - a Finished Quilt!

  The last quilt of the year! Made for my friend Lori, which means....actually really good photos! Like, probably more photos than I have things to say about the quilt.


But she still got one on a chain link fence, woohoo!

So the theme of this one was pretty simple - Lori works for Islands Magazine, so she goes to Hawaii far more than a normal person ought to. She bought fabric for me every time, I hoarded the fabric until her fortieth birthday.


Since it was a pretty wild mix of fabric, I cut everything into 4.5" squares, 4.5x9.5" slabs, or 9.5" squares, and separated it with Kona Silver to calm it down.

And yeah, I'm pretty disappointed that the purple fabric doesn't say "Keep Calm and Bac-On."


She also sent me some random fabrics she bought for herself for no reason. I have no idea what that's all about. Clearly my entire stash has a purpose. Anyway, so cameras and text and cats snuck in with the hula girls.


Travel stuff... Oh, and the quilting! I tried wavy horizontal lines and oh my goodness I loved it. I went very "organic" - sometimes crossing the lines, sometimes not; sometimes paralleling the curve above, sometimes not. It was a very relaxing way to quilt.


And I added a few random bubbles - I was going for ten times, four bubbles {get it? fortieth birthday?} but I lost count. And even after it was done, I tried to count them and got a different number each time. So I'm going to claim it's forty.

Ohhhhh, and the fabric on the left? It's the leftover backing from her t-shirt quilt I made a few years ago. Absolutely saved it for just this reason.


I tried to sneak in as much subtle cat fabric as I could. Somewhere in it, there's two blocks with orange kitties, representing her two gingers.


She asked for a pieced pineapple block, which I'm pretty sure has more pieces than the entire rest of the quilt.

And yes, no matter how much I switched around the final blocks, some fabrics ended up next to each other.


I adore all the hula fabric. {And I still have scraps to hoard for myself!}


That light blue fabric? I fussy cut it to show all the good, happy words.


And the back couldn't be more perfect - Kaffe Fassett seashells in blues and purples.


I managed to screw up my backing order, and considered running a strip of solid halfway across the back just to get it finished in time to take it to Augusta in September. Finished it better than perfect, right? Or...sometimes perfect is better than finished.

Since her birthday was already last May, I decided to suck it up, order the right amount of fabric, and get it done by the end of her birthday year. Which I did. And I'm far happier with it than I would have been if I had rushed it.

The binding is also Kona Silver, framing the entire quilt just like the blocks.